Academic Year (20-21)(21-22)


Character is like a tree and reputation its shadow.

  • In perusing the remarks and other details of progress given in the Assessment card.
  • In meeting and Principal / Headmistress / Class teacher periodically to know the progress of your ward.
  • In attending the PTA Meetings.


Parents are requested to ensure that the student is regular and punctual to school as these are the essentials for them to be future leaders. Also child is likely to lose attendance for coming late & leaving early. Do not send your ward to school if he / she is sick even though it is the day of examination.


  • Do not allow ward to watch unhealthy and mind polluting programmes on the television  as it would cause irreparable damage to your ward’s character and outlook.
  • Discourage your ward from using the telephone indiscreetly to call his / her friends, as this would lead your ward to fall into bad company. Access to a mobile phone is highly dangerous as students tend to misuse it. Don’t allow your ward to use mobile phones and i-pad. Beware of the negative influence of internet and the mesmerizing effects of face book, which is likely to affect the character  of your ward.
  • It is suggested not to give access to social network to your ward at home, for he/she is likely to misuse it. To ensure this the system may be installed in a space accessible to everybody at home.
  • Discourage your ward from visiting friends or being visited by friends on the pretext of borrowing notebooks or taking down notes as this may create opportunities for undesirable discussions, causing damage to your ward’s character.
  • Instruct your wards not to travel on foot board or sit beside the auto or van drivers while driving as this may prove dangerous.


  • Do not allow ward to go for swimming in unguarded beaches or to play alone, near stagnated water bodies.
  • Create awareness of traffic rules in  your ward to safeguard the life. Roads have heavy traffic and it is very important for your ward to keep to the left of the road and cycle one behind the other. Do not allow your ward to use two wheelers of any kind either to commute to school or outside. Advise your child to avoid footboard travel and sitting beside the auto driver while in motion. These are against government rules. Any student found guilty of flouting this rule may be expelled from the school.
  • Provide your ward with simple utility  based stationery like pens, pencil  boxes, geometry boxes etc, which are not showy or expensive. This will prevent unhealthy desires of greed, envy etc. leading to even unhealthier practices such as stealing, borrowing etc.


  • Home is a place where all values and virtues of life begin. These should be inculcated in the early years at home. God’s grace is required to help your ward, to be emotionally stable, mentally alert and physically strong. Hence, make it a regular practice to visit religious places to instill the fear of God, as fear of God is the beginning of wisdom and knowledge.
  • Create a happy and healthy environment at home for your ward to concentrate on studies.
  • Do not compare the academic performance of your ward with others, as this could demoralize him / her.
  • Boost the morale of your ward with encouraging words and supportive actions.
  • As parents are the second teachers each child is to be moulded in a way that they obey the  elders, parents and teachers.
  • Make your ward look presentable and confident with clean, unfaded, ironed uniform, well polished shoes, well groomed hair and trimmed nails.
  • Make sure your ward wakes up at 5:00 am for his / her effective studies. Also, encourage your ward to play organized games in your neighborhood in the evening hours followed by independent study until 10.00pm.
  • Create a healthy social life with neighbors so that your ward accepts everyone without discrimination or enmity both in school and in the locality.

A little learning is a dangerous thing

On the way or at the tuition centre, your ward is most likely to get trapped into  bad  company,  consciously  or  unconsciously,  which  may  prove disastrous.