Academic Year (20-21)(21-22)



  • The official language for communication inside the school campus is ENGLISH. It is essential for every student to communicate with one another in English as it is an important component of employability at the later stage.
  • Regularity and punctuality in work and attendance are essential.
  • Wear proper, ironed, unfaded uniform and polished shoes. Pleatless , tight, pencil fit and low hip pants are not allowed.
  • Maintain personal hygiene and cleanliness. Washing your hands before and after food is important. Hair should be well groomed and nails trimmed regularly. Boys should have their hair trimmed short (Spike type cut is not allowed) with sideburns not exceeding 2.5cm.Fashionable hair cut is not allowed for both boys & girls.
  • Incase of sickness / ailment inform the class teacher & meet the school doctor immediately.
  • Start from home well in time to be punctual and safe.
  • During rainy season,carry a rain coat/an umbrella.
  • Adhere to the traffic rules. Cyclists should keep to the left and should come one behind the other. Halt for a while at the junction or turns and look on either side of the road for any vehicle before crossing the road.Riding doubles/triples is risky and against the government regulation.
  • Do not run on the corridors and on the ground to go to canteen or washrooms. As the surface is hard you are likely to be injured  incase you fall. Go in a queue while walking on the corridor and steps.Separate queues are to be made for boys & girls.
  • Park your cycles in proper order in the school cycle stand and ensure it is locked. School will not be responsible, if unlocked cycles are lost.
  • During the assembly, students should sing the school song, flag song and National Anthem, loudly and clearly.
  • Keep the school campus litter free zone.
  • Participation in any of the Extra & Co-curricular activities such as Dramatics club, Gardening Club, language clubs, Music club, Dance club, Disaster Management Club, Eco club, Health & fitness club, Scouts and Guides, Road Safety Patrol and Science club is Compulsory.


  • On reporting early to school in the morning ,you should not waste your precious time in unwanted conversation with others.Instead ,utilize the time for reading newspaper.Do not enter the class,unless accompanied by the class teacher.
  • Assemble for the morning prayer silently ,in a straight line and in height order.
  • During the morning staff  prayer,stand and silently,with hands together,at your respective seats ,in the class room.
  • Do not visit other classes or come out of your class room without permission of the teacher concerned.
  • Do not handle the smart boards.
  • Do not talk loudly in the school campus during breaks or in between the periods.
  • Usage of foul language and impolite  behavior will be severely dealt  with and may result in the suspension,Teasing fellow students,calling nicknames and picking quarrels will be viewed very seriously In case , a student behaves differently , do not take the law in your hand to counteract,but report to the class teacher/Headmistress/Principal for action.
  • You are not permitted to share your lunch.
  • You are not permitted to bring story books, crackers, calculators, cell phones, electronic gadgets, playthings,game cards and other unwanted materials to the school.
  • Causing damage to school properly such as smart board,chairs,desks & benches directly or indirectly including scribbling on the desk or wall will lead to a levy of heavy fine or suspension
  • You are not permitted to borrow or lend note books or text books, without the consent of the subject teacher/class teacher.
  • In case of any ailment , you need not come to school until ailment is  completely cured ,even on examination days. A medical certificate should be produced.
  • Attendance is compulsory for national and school functions.
  • Note that student indulging in malpractice in the examinations will be given zero in the subject besides the disciplinary action taken against him/her, which may even lead to issue of T.C at the end of the academic year.