Academic Year (20-21)(21-22)

Salient features of our school

  • We learn as we play. We play as we learn. Our kindergarten children play as they learn and learn as they play. To  make learning interesting and fun, children are taught through interactive teaching methodology.
  • Our school  educators are advanced in physiology, pharmacology and psychiatry to review student's stress level thus upshot yoga to improve students overall academic  performance, memory and attention span
  • Artists are crafted within four walls into unimaginative colors sewn with subsequent pattern of creativity, within the needle of AIPS.
  • We have the most modernist computer lab with centralized a/c, latest hardware and software providing intensive training right from initial years.
  • Library at AIPS is a massive store house of around 8000 books in various categories and also subscribes to educational magazines.
  • Ro Facility, GPS & SMS.
  • We have a team of facilitators to equip our future leaders to face the challenges of the world with dignity and responsibility.