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Chairman's Message

Dear Parents,

As a good and responsible parent,you are already providing food, clothes, shelter, expenses and education, facilities for entertainment, holiday recreation etc, to your ward. All these make your ward a content and happy child. But to make all this meaningful and your ward's future constructively and permanently secure, you also have to understand the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs of your ward and help him/her to increase self-confidence and self esteem. Like the farmer who prepares the field for the young plant, the parent must prepare a conducive atmosphere at home for the child's academic pursuit. Bonding with each member of your family is as important as bonding with your ward. Any ill-feelings within the family, even if it is not directed towards your ward, can cause serious negative reactions in your ward and affect the academic performance. A child who is happy at home will undoubtedly be happy in school and therefore enjoys his/her learning and performs well. On the other hand, a child from an unfriendly and disturbed home,is a disturbed student whose process of learning becomes a struggle and often a failure.

Dr. N. Vijayan

M.A., M.Sc., M.Ed., M.L., Ph.D.,

About our School

Alwin International Public School at Padappai, is the fourth offshoot of Zion & Alwin Group of Schools which was started in the year 2015. It has a remarkable infrastructure with excellent ambience. This unique learning environment facilitates joyful schooling fulfilling the founder’s aspiration. The massive play area enables the students to acquire the necessary skills and participate actively in the process of learning in a lively atmosphere.





Infrastructure & Facilities

Smart Class

Smartboards available in every classroom has a wide range of content from various boards. It enables students to visualize and understand the difficult concepts.

Newspaper Reading

NIE inculcates the reading, understanding, reasoning and perceptional skills of all students. Its major role is to get updated about the current affairs.

SMS Facility

A platform to bridge the gap between the school and the parents. The school activities and other important information are passed over to the parents through this platform.


The library stacks over 15,000 books of various fields and is a storehouse of knowldge". These books enhance extra learning both for the teacher and the taught.


Well equipped and highly spacious labs help in better understanding. The students are trained to carry out every experiment to have greater insight into learning


The students who come from distant areas to the school use the school bus fitted with the latest GPS facility that can be used by parents to track.

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Admission Updates


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You will arrive on “set your new password” page, put the new password and re-enter the same password in the boxes provided, click on Change tab and confirm a permanent password. Once your password is set successfully, please make sure to remember the password for future use of the Portal.

Step 3: Click Pay Online tab under “fee details section”. Follow instructions on the screen to complete your fee payment.

Step 4: The Student Dashboard will open up with the student profile page. The due amount will be reflecting in the left bottom of the screen. Click on Pay Now.

Step 5: You will be able to view fee break up. Select the option one by one. Please accept the Terms and Condition before proceeding with the payment. Click on Pay Tab.

Step 6: The payment getaway page will open up, select your payment mode- Debit Card, Credit Card, Netbanking, UPI/QR transaction mode is available. For UPI/QR mode there is no extra bank charges involved.

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Admission Update

  • Admissions are closed for the current academic year 2021 – 2022.
  • Parent Portal for Online registration for admissions for the academic year 2022 – 2023 will open with effect from 3rd January 2022 (Monday).